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Zoo Safari Fasano

Zoo Safari Fasano born as a wildlife Park and over the years has diversified its offerings by also focusing on mechanical attractions located in an area that is now in effect become a new park ( Fasanolandia ) and which is described in another tab of this site.

The visit to the Safari Park commits one to three hours ( including pedestrian wildlife departments ) and can also be done individually , without access to the park Fasanolandia . In view of southern Italy is truly one of the best , while presenting some limitations (including organizational ) , especially in the peak days .

Efforts in recent years have been remarkable , and although we can not indicate it as a must-visit park for users of the Centre-North and tourists ( who have the opportunity to visit good facilities at home ) , you have the option to spend , if combined with a visit to Fasanolandia , a whole day of fun for the whole family . Even in 2014 are especially designed 3 different types of ticket, the first is the fauna (the park safari park ) , which is inclusive of all departments animals, visited in part with your vehicle , partly on foot and toy trains ; the second ticket instead provides a less structured and is dedicated exclusively to the amusement park ( Fasanolandia ), the third type of ticket allows access to only Dolphinarium .

Of course this year the exhibitions, museums and educational courses , which are located in the ‘ pedestrian area common to both the zoological park that amusement , you can visit freely with all three types of ticket.

FOR MORE INFO PHONE ZOO SAFARI Fasano : 080 441 4455 1


  • Circuit Safari with your vehicle ( even more than the car campers and buses ) to the discovery of lions, tigers, elephants , giraffes , zebras , antelopes and many other animals in absolute freedom Village monkeys ( with train)
  • Metrozoo ( train on rails for viewing from above)
  • Lake of the Big Mammals ( to meet polar bears, brown bears , rhinos , hippos and seals)
  • Zoological pedestrian paths Puppets Entertainment Tropical Hall ( aquarium, reptile , vivarium and shows butterflies )
  • Ornithological Exhibition ( live exotic birds , birds of prey from large to small Australian diamonds )
  • Nature Trail ( Puglia in Miniature Botanical Trail )
  • Exhibitions and Museums

Price 22,00 Euro per adult individual visitors

Reduced price Euro 19,50 for children from 4 to 10 years and by 1.40 meters tall ( free admission for children less than 4 years and less than one meter in height)

Price 15,00 Euro for groups and school bus of at least 29 paying persons 2 )


  • Pedestrian entrance to Fasanolandia 6 attractions in choice ( between rides and 4D cinema )
  • Nature Trail ( Puglia in Miniature and Botanical Trail )
  • Exhibitions and Museums

Price 8,00 Euro for individual visitors ( FULL )

Price 5,00 Euro for groups and school bus of at least 29 paying persons

Price 5,00 Euro for holders of coupons


Prices for single input Bal dolphins (if not in possession of a ticket or Zoosafari Fasanolandia ) :

Adults : 12,00 Euro Children ( from 1m to 1.20m)

10,00 Euro School groups : € 8.00 Prices for ticket holders Zoosafari or Fasanolandia

Adults : 10,00 Euro Children ( from 1m to 1.20m)

Euro 8,00 Groups and schools

6,00 Euro Free admission for children under one meter tall.